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AL 6061 Custom CNC Aluminum Machining Parts

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CNC can be used to produce machining parts and prototypes very quickly with high precision, at a high production rate, the materials used are strong and durable for testing.

CNC machining is a subtraction manufacturing process that uses rotating computer-controlled cutting tools like drills, end mills, and turning tools to remove material from a solid block of material, thereby shaping the part.

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Senze Aluminum Machining

As lightweight metals are widely used, aluminum machining parts are becoming a choice of many industries. With all of our machining experience, CNC aluminum has been Senze’s expertise for many years. The advantage for aluminum material: Good strength-to-weight ratio and Excellent machinability.

We focus on the manufacturing of non-standard precision aluminum parts with complex structures, and are committed to delivering highly accurate and consistent components to our clients. We continue to invest in new equipment and skilled employees to ensure that our team maintains a strong competitive advantage. We have also been improving the aluminum machining process to improve efficiency and quality, and continue to meet customer production needs.plus more. We can rapidly produce your CNC machining parts with tight tolerances and excellent mechanical properties.

Machined Aluminum Prototypes

Before the mass manufacturing of aluminum parts, aluminum CNC prototyping is an effective way to handle complex design verification and pre-production testing. It allows you to find and solve problems faster and move towards production.

Manufacturing Of Custom Aluminum Parts

If you need assistance on your custom aluminum machining projects, we will be one of the most capable and affordable production sources with our technology, experience, and skills. Our strict implementation of ISO9001 quality system standards, and the combination of efficient production processes and flexible custom engineering enable us to deliver complex projects in short turnaround times and provide excellent product quality.
We also provide typical surface treatment operations for custom aluminum parts, such as anodizing, laser engrave, sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, electrophoresis, chromating, powder blasting, painting, etc.

Aluminum Material for CNC machining

Aluminum alloy has a wide range of properties, such as flexibility, weldability, high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight, and excellent anodizing surface treatment. Due to its low cost and formability, aluminum is widely used in industry. The type of aluminum grade you ultimately choose depends on the intended use of your aluminum parts in the manufacturing project.
It includes: AL60061, AL6068, AL6063, AL7075, AL2024, AL5052 etc.

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