Die Casting Service


Die-casting is a metal casting process characterized by applying a high pressure to a molten liquid metal aluminum alloy by a die casting machine, and injecting it into a designed mold cavity at a high speed to cast aluminum alloy parts of a shape and size limited by the mold.

Die casting

1. Metal casting process, applying high pressure to the molten metal through the cavity of the mold.

2. The cost of mold is high, it is suitable for mass production of a large number of products.

The main steps of the process are as follows

Step 1: melting the metal
Usually using an electric furnace or a coke oven to heat the molten metal ingot to a liquid state, maintaining the temperature at about 600-700℃。

Step 2: when the metal aluminum is melted, the corresponding die-casting mold is synchronously assembled on the die-casting machine, and pre-heating is performed, and the die-casting machine is adjusted to ensure the ideal working state.

Step 3: the molten aluminum metal is poured into the compression chamber of the press, and then the injection system of the press presses the poured aluminum water into the cavity of the mold through the piston at a high speed, and the specific path is the sleeve passing through the compression chamber first. The barrel then enters the flow path and ingate of the mold and then fills the entire cavity.

Step 4: After the casting is taken out, the aluminum water fills the entire mold cavity, and then starts to cool and solidify in a very short time, and the mold is opened in a set time to take out the casting.

Step 5: After the casting is taken out, spray the mold (lubricate the mold) and close the mold to prepare for the next new die casting cycle. Molds are usually machined from higher strength alloys, some of which are similar to injection molding.

Such parts are produced with this process usually called die casting parts.

Application for die casting service

• Automotive • Transmission device • Lighting • Electronic enclosure • Valve • Mechanic equipment • Construction

Features of die casting service

Quite compact
Enough compact can make the part stronger on the aspect of mechanical properties.Instead of your other idea maybe with steel or other heavy metals, save cost on material and transporting.

Smooth surface
Smooth and flat surface makes appearance looks beautiful, and good texture.

Precise dimension tolerance
Our as-cast usually can achieve CT5-CT4 grade, obviously it can reduce some machining processes and cost with such accurate casting dimension tolerance.

No or very few small porosities
It can help you to think various processes to develop project, when you dont need to consider leaking,lighten your load and save your extra cost.

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