cnc machinings

Why choose us for custom CNC machining

Quality Guarantee
We have strict system of quality control and reports.Consistent quality comes first on every project. 100% QC inspection before delivery, we can provide quality inspection form.

Professional Technical
10+ years of expert experience in the CNC machining and OEM Industrial processing. We have a senior design team to offer perfect technology suggestions.

Competitive price
We don’t make low price product, better price with high quality is our aim. we supply parts short lead- time, excellent quality and low cost.


We are the directly factory, sample and low quantity we also produce.

Full service
From all your prototypes, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing to finishing/assembly, we insure that we meet customer's need.

Quick response
After we get your inquiry, we will promptly review your requirements and provide you quotation, quickly quote/delivery.




1.Good quality, high accuracy and high productivity.
2.CNC machining service can produce the parts with complex structures.
3.Support various materials, including all kinds of metal material: aluminum, steel, brass, stainless steel, titanium alloy and plastic.
4.Small volume will be easier and faster for production, and better to control the quality and save cost.
5. It doesn't need to open mould, small quantity parts will don't have high mould fee.

CNC Machining Applications
CNC machining is widely used throughout the aerospace,medical,automotive industries fro its ability to rapidly manufacture precise parts in production-grade materials.Typical CNC partss,include:
1.Housings and enclosures
3.Fixtures for manufacturing
4.Gears and bearings
5.Internal mechanical components
6.Medical instrumentation


Senze company specialized in high precision 3 4 5 axis CNC Machining parts hand mold OEM with high-end technology.
We are good at:
1.5/4/3 axis CNC machining
2.CNC turning machining.
3.Injection molding, Die cast molding
4.Sheet metal fabricate, laser cutting service.
5.Surface treatment
6.QC test system: VMS/CMM QC inspection
7.Certification We have:ISO9001:2015