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Welcome Our Client To Visit Us!

A few days ago, our client went to attend the Guangzhou Carton Fair and then went to our company for a visit.

He was checking what we could do and what our production capability was.

First, we have a simple meeting to introduce our company.

Second, we take him on a tour of our CNC machining production line and introduce how we do the products and how to inspect our products.

Third, we discuss some surface treatments of the Aluminum parts as below.

Surface Finish Of Aluminum parts

FINISHING- Choose from our surface finishing techniques to make the best out of your parts.


Use sandblasting to get an even surface on your parts and remove traces and contaminants from the production process. Different surface qualities are possible, from rather smooth to rough.

Brushed / Polished

We brush and polish your metal parts to create a unidirectional satin finish. This can be done in any intensity for different surface qualities, from smooth to rough.

Lacquering We lacquer your parts to create a color finish with different appearances, from glossy to mat. We use acrylic lacquers in the RAL and Pantone color systems. Feel free to ask for other lacquers.

Powder coating

Use our powder coating service to create a tough and lasting color finish with different appearances, from glossy to mat. We use powders in the RAL and Pantone systems.


Use our anodizing service with our Aluminium materials to add a thick protective oxide layer to your parts and color the surface at the same time if required. Feel free to ask for color samples.

https://www.senzeprecision.com/products/ https://www.senzeprecision.com/products/

If you have any ideas, please contact us.
We look forward to participating in more projects with you in the future.

Email: sales03@senzeprecision.com
Tel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18100290558

Post time: Oct-26-2023