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SLS 3D printing service

Why choose SLS 3D printing as a rapid manufacturing solution? Do you need fully functional parts with fine details? Then the rapid manufacturing solution, SLS 3D printing will help you, with lower cost than CNC machining for prototypes. For more details, please contact our sales directly!

The advantages of 3D printing, 3D printing has many advantages, especially if you know how to optimize product design to use 3D printing. The advantages of 3D printing include: metal 3D printing parts are completely dense, 3D printing contains complex geometric shapes and precise internal features, which cannot be manufactured by traditional processing methods alone. The design can be completed quickly with minimal materials without wasting, while maximizing strength, conformal 3D printing cooling channels, greatly improving the performance and thermal stress resistance of 3D printing, it is an ideal choice for aerospace and automotive applications. Many of the same components can be built on one platform at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. 3D printers have a safe printing environment and high reliability; 3D printing industrial nozzles have a long service life and high stability. 3D printing with a professional dust filter device creates an easy-to-operate, safe and clean printing environment! 3D printing has high precision and convenient post-processing! The 3D printing job platform is large, and the printed model will not have any shape restrictions.

The variety and use of prototype model manufacturers’ prototype models: Structural prototypes: The key use of structural prototypes is to verify the raw material strength analysis, cooperation, cost evaluation, performance testing, new product investment promotion, etc. between the internal assembly structure of the initially planned product. Prototype verification can directly reduce the risk of mold opening. Prototype model manufacturers appearance prototype: the key use of the appearance prototype is to check the feasibility judgment and analysis of the process of mass production of planned product color allocation, appearance size, cost evaluation, raw material cooperation, exhibitions, market surveys, etc.

Post time: Jul-30-2021