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Dragon Boat Festival

Today is the Chinese traditional festival: Dragon Boat Festival, Senze Precision company prepared the festival gift for our workers. And also we have the tourist activity in Buddha Mountain. We go to climb mountain together, it is very beautiful natural scene. Through team building activities, the friendship between colleagues is enhanced, which is conducive to a more tacit understanding of work. Team building activities can relieve work pressure, improve team cohesion, feel the charm of nature, relax body and mind. Although the activity time is only a short day, but through this activity, the distance between colleagues has been shortened, the friendship between employees has been deepened, and everyone can relax better after stressful work, so that employees can fully experience Enrich the corporate culture and find a sense of belonging, and devote more passion to the next work, and better serve customers. Our company is main for cnc machining service, 3D printing, we have ourselves factory and workshop, it can be better to control the quality and cost. Our workers are all with rich experience in CNC industry, professional operating for program controlling and cnc machine, turning machine and milling machine. Any interesting, welcome to inquiry us. You can send the 2D/3D file to us, our professional engineers will check the drawing and quote to you in time. Looking forwarder the cooperation with you. One good company not only need the excellent technical talents and salespersons, it also needs the company to give more respect and care for them. More team activities can bring us together to better future with high efficiency.
Only with one mind we can go farther, and only with virtue we can get closer. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Good working environment can bring higher efficiency. And we also can have better status to face our customers.
Happy working, enjoy life!

Post time: Jun-14-2021